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Big Sitecore Links table / IDs in targetitempath

Do you have these symptoms in your site?

The link table (Usually in the core database) is too big, even bigger than your master or web databases There are not paths for target item in the link database for your multilist fields, only IDs Then you´re affected by this problem:

Due to a bug in sitecore, it was storing the value of the property in the (table) field targetitempath, instead of the actual path.

Here you have different solutions:

  1. Contact support and reference ticket 398330 or fix 309475
  2. Wait until sitecore release a new version including the fix
  3. Fix it yourself.
  4. To fix it yourself
  • Truncate your link table
  • Download this zip file and copy files to your solution. This file contains a new fieldtypes.config, based on a default version, so if you have done any modification to your fieldtypes.config, you´ll have to modify it manually.
  • Rebuild the link tabase.

If you are curious and want to have a look to the code and changes, I’ve created a small solution with the original code from Sitecore and the code introduced by support. You can get it from here

My History with this problem

We´re hosting our application in Azure with Azure SQL. By default I limited the databases to 10GB.

One day I found the site was down, due to “reached quota” of the database. I found my core database was 10gb (and maybe bigger if I wouldn’t have it limited).

After contacting support and sending them our database, they found the problem and provide us the usual hotfix to solve the problem.

The fix worked like a charm. Here you have some numbers to show how “big the bug is”

Data before applying the hotfix: 552.894 items = 1.55GB

Data after applying the hotfix: 411.627 items = 0.26GB

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